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The DIY Ribbon Velocity Microphone, a home project

Thanks Page

I consider these guys to be invaluable in helping me in this project.

Mr. Larry Killip, for his help in many areas.
Mr. Dale Roche and all the guys and gals at  Jensen for their incredible contribution.
Mr. Alton Dellinger for his help in testing Spike the Mic.
Dr. William Robertson, for giving me a reason to build this.
I also wanted to thank David Royer at Royer microphones for some great answers to nagging questions I had.  We had some miscommunications, but I'm glad we got them cleared up.  Thanks for the help and the suggestions...
Thanks to Steve Spicer for getting in touch with me.  I'm glad the site meets your approval, and I don't think I could have done it without the information you provided to the world.
There as also been countless others who have emailed ideas and suggestions to me.  I'd like to thank you for your suggestions.  There's too many to list, but you know who you are.
Thanks again.

That's about it.  Go take a breather.